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  • don't recognize Chinese character.

    From the answer: Hello  Yzhang138 , Thanks for dropping by to the Community.... QuickBooks Online (QBO) doesn't recognize bank files with Chinese characters when uploading to the system.

  • Cannot enter check number

    From the answer: Hi Kaffa_Wong, Let’s check if this is caused by the cached data in your browser.... Cached data speeds up your browsing processes, but they’ll cause a page to act strangely when your cache is filled up.


    From the answer: Hi there,  accounts .... Let's set up your sister concern company by creating a new QuickBooks Online account.

  • Trying to make a detailed calculation based on parts, then provide a SUMMARY of modules that the parts make up

    From the answer: Hi  pvragel , You can use the Sales by Product/Service Detail report.... Then, filter it to show the calculation based on the parts.

  • Where does the Shipping charge get registered?

    From the answer: It is posted to an income in QuickBooks and the shipping income account is based on what's selected under the gear settings.

  • Como Activar la función Proyectos a QBO?

    From the answer: Si estás utilizando la versión U.S de Quickbooks Online.... Para incorporar proyectos a tu subscripción de QBO (Quickbooks en linea) debes saber que ya está esta función incorporada y solo tiene que ser activada, si tienes el nivel de subscripción QBO Pl

  • Why does the currency in my dashboard show as LRs? The home currency I have selected in LKR. It doesn't display LKR in my dashboard.

    From the answer: Great to hear from you,  reza.sameem  .... The figure that shows before the amount for your transactions on your dashboard is a symbol of its equivalent currency.

  • we forget the Email Id which we register with QB

    From the answer: Happy weekend to you,  shadi .... Let's retrieve your email ID by sending a notification to your phone number.

  • multiple currency issue

    From the answer: Thank you for letting me know about this,  italladdsupqb .... We have an on-going issue when using a multi-currencies on your customer function.

  • custom fields on invoice are not printing out

    From the answer: Hello, You might have the custom fields set to internal only.... If you do, make sure to place a check mark in the Public boxes.

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