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  • Core Charge

    From the answer: I treat Core Charge as an Other Charge Type item, because it is a Charge.... Make a Parent Level item with two subitems: Core Charge Core Chg Refund   Use the Core Charge to Charge the customer on the sales receipt or invoice.

  • Business Setup Cost and Such

    From the answer: @cdhodgdon   You want the chart of accounts to show the total amount spent, but  you also might want to see the sub areas you spent money on, as an example utility expense - you can pay all utilities (water, gas, elect, internet, etc) and book all pa

  • direct deposit

    From the answer: Hi Grndhog,   It's an unusual behavior of QuickBooks to be like that.... Let's try to make sure that your QB Print component is updated.

  • NON-stop errors

    From the answer: Thank you for getting back to us here in the Community, .... I'll be happy to help you fix the error you're getting while working with QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).

  • I cannot open file QuickBooks in server. The pop-up warning " QuickBooks was unable to open the image file. You may not have sufficient rights ti the data directory".

    From the answer: I appreciate the steps that you've done to resolve your server issue,  Sukitw .... I'm here to help you resolve it.

  • Add Transaction Information to Invoice

    From the answer: Glad to have you here, .... Welcome to the Community.... I am here to share details on how you can customize your invoices in QuickBooks Desktop .

  • Edit inventory Item name by multiple users

    From the answer: RE: Do you think I can restrict user to have "creating" new item but not allowing "edit"?... Yes, this is easy to do and has been a feature since around the time Enterprise was launched about two decades ago.

  • I am not able to open company file on Quickbooks for mac 2016

    From the answer: That's good to know that you were able to resolve it,  paulo .... On behalf of  my colleague ShiellaGraceA , I would to like say you're very much welcome!

  • 401(k) limits per Employee

    From the answer: "I guess the issue is now getting the correct calculations,"   Let's review this math: 4% + 3 % = the person wants to contribute 7%, split between the two investment types.

  • Customize Certified Payroll Reports by Work Classification

    From the answer: Hello there, .... QuickBooks Desktop is equipped with a variety of reports that you can customize and filter to suit the data you need.

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