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  • direct deposit said it was paid 1/25, yesterday (Friday). My employer had it deducted out of her account already. But it hasn’t credited to my account. When will it post?

    From the answer: Hi there, kimsprague120 .... The funds will be deposited to your bank account on the paycheck date.... If your employer sent it two banking days before the paycheck date at 5 pm PT, please wait until 11:59 pm PT for the funds to post.

  • Quickbooks Pro 2017

    From the answer: It depends   If the web store is a separate business, then yes two separate company files, separate inventory, etc etc, and yes you file a schedule C for each   if the web store is an extension of the present store, will sell inventory from it, etc -

  • Payments made from trust accounts

    From the answer: This is not listed in any detail, because it Does Not change anything: "and there was nothing said specifically about monies being paid, to vendors from trust accounts"   They Got Paid.

  • entering paid expenses for year

    From the answer: Hello, RockyC.... Let's check your Audit Log report to find the entries you entered.... This will tell us if the transactions were saved successfully or not.

  • Correct a customer refund issued as a vendor check

    From the answer: so if I understand this, you posted an overpayment which created a customer credit   then a vendor was created and a check issued   edit the check, change the expense account to accounts receivable and enter the correct customer name, then use receiv

  • ATM Business cycling cash, How to classify refunds of cash from 3rd party processor?

    From the answer: Set up each atm machine as a cash type bank account do a transfer from checking to the atm bank when you stock the machine end of the day, transfer the daily total FROM the atm machine bank TO the checking account that lowers the amount in the atm ma

  • Owner's Contribution and Draw

    From the answer: the idea is to get all of last years equity activity into equity   so you clear investment to equity, debit investment for the balance in the investment account & credit equity then you clear drawing to equity, debit equity and credit drawing for the

  • Fix invoice item list

    From the answer: It cannot be an Inventory Part; you described something Generic.... Inventory Part = specifically, the same item every time.

  • QB2012 Desktop Mac does not update a file that was opened from a mounted partition.

    From the answer: So you don't waste time looking into this:  QB2012 Desktop Mac DOES update a file that was opened from a mounted partition.

  • Setting up a company file for an insurance Agency/Brookage.

    From the answer: Thank you.

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