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  • Mileage syncing

    From the article: Does mileage on the mobile app sync to the web?... You betcha.... Tracked trips automatically sync to the web product.

  • How we approach sales tax

    From the article: Managing sales tax requires a little bit of effort, but not too much.... Here's how to deal with sales tax in our app.

  • Why your data doesn't start on January 1

    From the article: It would make tidy financial housekeeping if we could start your data from January 1.... But when you create your account and connect your banks and credit cards, we pull as much of your transaction data as we can.

  • Transfers: Owner's Deposit

    From the article: Use this category for deposits where you add your own money to your self-employed finances.... This type of deposit differs from business income because it's not money that was paid to you by someone else for work you did.

  • Access an account with an incorrect email address

    From the article: Do you no longer have access to the email you signed up with?... This can happen if you signed up with an email address that you later closed or if there was a typo in the email address.

  • About SA103F Categories

    From the article: This article describes the SA103F deduction categories you can claim as allowable expenses for self-employment.

  • Split transactions in the mobile app

    From the article: You can only split by amounts in the mobile app.... To split by percentage, you will need to log into your account via a web browser.

  • Hide a bank in the mobile app

    From the article: If you don't want to see transactions from a particular bank account, you can hide the account or delete the account from the app altogether.

  • Create and manage rules in the mobile app

    From the article: You can use rules to tell us to always mark certain transactions a particular way.... For example, let's say you bought some office supplies from OfficeXpress.

  • Protect my account better (tips)

    From the article: At Intuit, we're dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure.... We use industry-leading methods to make sure that your personal and financial information is always Here are some tips on how you can help to keep your account secure: Don't share your I

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