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  • Error 108

    From the article: Error 108 means there's a message on your bank's website that requires you to take action.... Some examples are: New terms of service A special offer An announcement regarding maintenance or other site changes To resolve the error, sign in to your bank's

  • Mileage syncing

    From the article: Does mileage on the mobile app sync to the web?... You betcha.... Tracked trips automatically sync to the web product.

  • What happens when you send an invoice?

    From the article: Sent your first invoice?... Congrats!... Here's what to expect: For the recipient The recipient will receive an email that says you've sent them an invoice.

  • Error 102

    From the article: Error 102 usually means your bank's website is experiencing technical difficulties, undergoing maintenance or there is a server issue with the data transfer between us and the bank's website.

  • How we approach sales tax

    From the article: Managing sales tax requires a little bit of effort, but not too much.... Here's how to deal with sales tax in our app.

  • Sales tax overview

    From the article: With the freedom of being self-employed comes the sole responsibility for paying sales tax, a state-mandated surcharge on sales that varies from state to state.*

  • Why your data doesn't start on January 1

    From the article: It would make tidy financial housekeeping if we could start your data from January 1.... But when you create your account and connect your banks and credit cards, we pull as much of your transaction data as we can.

  • Transfers: Owner's Deposit

    From the article: Use this category for deposits where you add your own money to your self-employed finances.... This type of deposit differs from business income because it's not money that was paid to you by someone else for work you did.

  • Mileage Allowance

    From the article: Keep these guidelines in mind when tracking your mileage: You can claim allowances for mileage tracking on up to 3 vehicles, including motorbikes.

  • Simplified Expenses mileage method (with flat rates) versus Actual costs for vehicles

    From the article: Here's a bit more about the differences between the flat rate mileage deduction and actual expenses or capital allowances.

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