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  • Perpetual licence upgrade

    From the answer: Hi   Thanks for contacting us here at the Community   Perpetual licenses are no longer available, the last time they were available was in 2016.

  • Use of classes

    From the answer: check the sample file Rock Castle Construction and run a standard P&L then a P&L by class and you can also do the same for the balance sheet

  • How should I accurately record disbursement payments and receipts to ensure they are not captured as regular income/expenses?

    From the answer: The link you provided is only in reference to VAT.... The HMRC webpage does not discuss the presentation of these amount on either the Balance Sheet or Income Statement, only that for your reimbursable expenditures (payment that you make and then charge

  • How do I record With Holding Tax with held on Payments Received so that the Invoice Paid shows Nil Balance?

    From the answer: "Please note, the 60 is an asset on my side because i can use it to offset my annual tax."... Make an Other Charge type item linked to your Asset account for tracking this.

  • How do I remove a company file from my updated desktop. The file is an old one which I mistakenly restored.

    From the answer: Launch the QB Program.... At the No Company Open screen, on the listing of Most Recently Opened files, you see the HIDE button.

  • Supplier took overpayment

    From the answer: If you entered a Bill Payment as credit card, that shows as AP.... The Overpayment would be AP, as negative.

  • Liscense reached its maximum number of users

    From the answer: Hi there,  Rodney , It's recommended to store the company file on the Host computer since you're setting up multi-user.

  • Opening Balance for VAT (owed by HMRC)

    From the answer: You only need to enter this to have something to post the refund from HMRC when it arrives in bank.... So just enter a negative opening balance for HMRC supplier account or try vat for past period report and adjust using vat code E

  • I cannot restore a backup in Quickbooks pro 2008

    From the answer: to be honest I am surprised 08 even installed on win10, I can pretty much guarantee it will quit at some point.

  • There is no option to Condense Data in Utilities

    From the answer: Then condense must not be included in the non-US versions.... Sadly condense only works accurately about 70% of the time anyway to be honest.

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