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  • I’m self employed & rent a nail desk. I pay the salon owner weekly commission. How do I send an invoice? And what do I need to include? Thank you

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting us here in the Intuit Community, linzi21, Let me help share information about categorizing transactions.

  • Can I delete a unused pension scheme in paysuite ?

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community, .... The option to delete an unused pension scheme in the program is currently unavailable.

  • If we invoice an EU customer in GBP but they pay in euros, the amount showing on my bank statement in GBP differs due to the exchange rate, how do I reconcile the ledger?

    From the answer: Any differences in currency will need to be shown through the Profit & Loss (Statement of Income) so you will need to create a FX Gains or Losses account and journal your differences accordingly.

  • Can i set up one quickbooks account for a self employed partnership of 2?

    From the answer: your business is a partnership the business makes sales and pays for expenses during the year end of year the partnership income and expense is portioned out the partners and they report that for taxes there is one company file

  • Off customer part of customer payment against purchase

    From the answer: see the para titled But if they are not in Canada

  • Adding New Employee

    From the answer: Hi MD15,   Thanks for the screenshot.... In this scenario, you would not need to enter any YTD figures as your new starter has not left the other employment so would not have a P45.

  • im not using QB payroll

    From the answer: That's correct Elaine, You should have a portion to cover the PAYE/NI then to the Employee directly.... Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • FRS VAT using quickbooks online...

    From the answer: So for posterity for anyone else that comes across this, the problem was due to a few things.... Firstly it seems that QB Pro and QBO have different sets of VAT codes so I needed "refreshing" to add the codes for QBO.

  • Redundancy payments

    From the answer: Hi Jadzey,   Thank you for contacting the Community.... On PaySuite click onto the employee to open the Employee Settings page.

  • Bank adjustments and matching

    From the answer: No problem at all, what you can do is record the payment you made to the supplier which will leave you in credit with supplier and an unapplied payment.

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