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  • PayPal transactions and transfers

    From the answer: Hi Yummypuddingco.... Yes, that would be correct.... By recording the transfer from your bank account to your PayPal account, it tell the system that the total is coming from your PayPal account and has just been topped up by your bank account    

  • How to reclassify multiple transactions from one Chart of Accounts to another in QBO?

    From the answer: It really depends on the type of expense transactions: Some types of expense transactions can be easily reclassified in batch actions (see screenshot below) Split transactions that have more than one account selected in a single transaction can?t be

  • Is there a way of applying customer credits to invoices before they are sent? I want to do this for specific invoices not automatically.

    From the answer: Hi there, info!... Yes, there?s a way to apply your customer?s... overpayment to their invoice.... I got the steps to guide you through it, and we?ll not use the automatic application of credits.

  • reminders List

    From the answer: Hello Koj   The reminder option is available for recurring transactions when you set up you can change the type to reminder and then in the cog under recurring transactions you have a reminder list.

  • We have a non vat registered ltd company. how does QB help with submitting the tax return ?

    From the answer: Hi Rob06,     If you are not needing to submit a VAT return you do not need to use the Taxes section of QuickBooks.

  • Importing payroll data from HMRC Basic PAYE Tools

    From the answer: Hi Helen,   Currently you are only able to import employee information into our Paysuite Payroll system.

  • How do I record a payment to a supplier when I am still awaiting their invoice ?

    From the answer: enter the payment and use accounts payable as the expense (reason) for the payment, that will set a supplier credit.

  • i have paid an invoice twice in error how do i enter the 2nd payment into quickbooks with no bill to associate it with?

    From the answer: Hi, Welcome to the Community, To show a payment to a supplier where there is no bill to associate it with,   you can create a cheque or an expense for the amount overpaid, select the supplier date and in the account section in account details select

  • Client Accounts

    From the answer: Hi Phils673,   Welcome to the UK Community Page for QuickBooks Online.   1 - Yes, however if you speak to our sales team one of our Account Managers will be able to arrange wholesale discounts for you.

  • how do I un pay an invoice?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting here in the Community, shaun.... Let’s go to the Sales menu and find the invoice so you can unlink its payment.

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