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  • Sales invoice

    From the answer: Hi Malcolm thanks for posting on Community.... If you are using the web browser to access your account by selecting the drop down menu you will then see a Edit option this way you can amend and resend the invoice.

  • Accounting deposit for following tax year

    From the answer: You can not do that in the limited QBSE   a customer deposit is your liability and it should post to a liability account, but QBSE does not have them nor does QBSE allow you to create any needed accounts   QBSE does not allow for any new accounts (ca

  • Bank account connection problems

    From the answer: Hello   Thanks for contacting the Community   What error message do you get when it will not accept the business account?


    From the answer: Thanks for your interest in QuickBoks Self-Employed (QBSE), Brakey,   Let me help share information on how to avail the discounted price in QBSE.

  • Entering Bank Transactions Manually?

    From the answer: Hi Nicola   Are you using the QuickBooks Online or the Self Employed package?... If you are scanning the  statement in what file type are you saving as?

  • Lloyds sync

    From the answer: Hi Janey1   The 187 message usually appears if a security question is answered incorrectly.... Do you  have pin sentry or a memorable word/password set up as extra security with Lloyds?

  • Cash payments

    From the answer: Hello Andrewkerr81,   You can record these payments through a sales receipt.... You can also set up a cash account through your chart of accounts to show you receiving the payment in cash rather than straight to your bank, which you will then be able to

  • Quick books self employed - add product or service box

    From the answer: Hello Dwma1970,   Could you please send over an example of the text you are entering into this box?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Duplicate Invoice numbers in error

    From the answer: Hello CompletelyPC,   Does it also auto-fill any other information on the invoice, or is it just the number?

  • how do i mark a transaction as CIS deducted?

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us for assistance, pud,   Let me get the help you need in recording your transactions.

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