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  • Barclays Personal Banking not downloading transactions

    From the answer: Hey Rupert,   Welcome to the UK Community Page for QuickBooks Online.... We are currently experiencing some issues with our connections to Barclays, this is on the back of some maintenence that Barclays have been completing on their connections to 3rd pa

  • Barclays Bank connection error 101

    From the answer: Hi Clara   Barclays has been undergoing maintenance for the last few days.... It is supposedly due to finish today.

  • Change email address sent with invoices out to clients

    From the answer: Hello portbahnislay,   Have you also updated your email address on your invoice template?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Trouble uploading CSV "Browse button"

    From the answer: I appreciate the steps you’ve taken to fix the issue, FakePlasticTree.... Special characters in your file can also cause errors when importing the file.

  • Mileage recording

    From the answer: Hello countrycarsmaidstone,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... To clarify, does the system not allow you to post mileage manually?

  • Business Bank Account Not Staying Connected

    From the answer: Hello   Thanks for reaching out   What bank is this with?Are you logging in via a browser or a pc?   Thanks   Emma

  • Quick Books Self Employed- Personal Questions

    From the answer: Hello Solars Marine   1.The receipt capture function is currently only able to scan receipts for expenses not invoices   2.The receipt snap and sort function in the Self Employed app is where you can take a picture of the receipt and it will create t

  • Invoice Date

    From the answer: I appreciate the time of trying to fix this issue on your own, amicuscelebrants.... We have an ongoing investigation about this matter which was already escalated to our engineering team.

  • I have 2 account

    From the answer: Greetings, AyeshaClarke.... Thanks for being part of the QuickBooks family.... I can help and guide you on how to cancel your other subscription.

  • i cannot connect bank with QB

    From the answer: Hello kdf,   What bank are you attempting to connect?   Thanks,   Talia

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