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  • Importing customer list

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in Community Colin.... The fields are set in QuickBooks Online and when uploading can't be merged, you will need to edit the CSV file directly to include the two names in one column to be able to upload.

  • Re-Occuring Invoices - adding text

    From the answer: Hi Lav180   It is not possible to create a reoccurring invoice to post in this sequential manner.... Our products are evolving constantly and to assist us with your requirements, and hopefully get them implemented, we encourage you to leave feedback from

  • The amount on the Cost of Goods Sold report do not match the amount on invoice posted.

    From the answer: Hello Joana   Which product are you using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?Are you expecting the amounts to be the same?Could you provide a screenshot of the report and the invoice and attach to the reply so we can have a look at this for you?

  • Trouble signing in to Quickbooks UK

    From the answer: Hello Caroline   We have found some changes to chrome have impacted some users sign ins.... If you can try the following   1 Check Chrome is up to date.Three dots in top right of Chrome)> help > about google chrome then install all updates   2.Go to the

  • What entry do I need to enter when receiving cash for converted stock options?

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in Community Kassidythao.... Can I confirm are you trying to make a Stock Adjustment or is this following an adjustment?

  • csv file not uploading

    From the answer: Hi   Are you receiving any type of error message when you are attempting too upload your the CSV file?

  • How can I avoid invoice printing to 2 pages when there are 2 items (1 item will print OK)

    From the answer: Hello ,   I know how challenging this is for you.... This time, let's perform some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue when printing your invoices.

  • Unable to download all transactions

    From the answer: Hello Maz882   Thanks for contacting the Community..Are you using the Self Employed product?... What we can do is email you to your Community user email address.If you can just reply to the email with the CSV and we will take a look and email you back wi

  • I processed my VAT return & adjusted the figures to include those from my previous accounting software. Now my bank account won't balance. Why can't I make adjustments?

    From the answer: Hello and welcome to Community Vivienne,   We can certainly look into the VAT adjustment which you have made.

  • Preset Customer Discounts

    From the answer: Hello James,   At the moment, we can only suggest for you to leave feedback on this feature.... As mentioned, it does work on the popularity of the suggestion, as well as how easily it can be implemented versus the importance of the feature in comparison

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