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  • Bulk transactions recording

    From the answer: Hello Sofronis,   Could you please link the article you have read so we can look into this?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Removal of Employment Allowance

    From the answer: Hello YCS,   You do this by submitting a new EPS - under Payroll & RTI.... When you submit this there will be a box for Employment Allowance, make sure this is unticked and submit.

  • I have taken the self assessment account but have vat on my invoices

    From the answer: Hello,  CSC9697.... Here’s how to turn on the VAT feature in QuickBooks Desktop.... Click Edit at the top and select Preferences.

  • File VAT has disappeared?

    From the answer: Thanks for contacting Community.... I think with what has been mentioned here either the books are closed in one section but this would not explain the VAT not showing.

  • General Jornal Entries

    From the answer: Hi Natalja   You are unable to add these columns into the latest version, as the VAT in this system compared to the older versions are displayed differently.

  • Custom fields in Memorised Transacions not updating with template

    From the answer: Hello catheoch,   Thank you for posting in the Community.... I'm here to assist you concerning the memorised transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Import an excel list of sales invoices in QB desktop 2016

    Hi I have a client who mess up between back ups and now we need to re-post 3 months worth of sales...

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