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  • total business income

    From the answer: Hello adrianforrest,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Which report are you viewing?

  • Addnig Paypal to Self Employed invoicing

    From the answer: Good day ,   What you've said is correct, that the feature to integrate the PayPal app is only available for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • Do i need to add all of my bank accounts?

    From the answer: Hello PeculiarLocks,   You do not need to connect your Monzo account, however you will need to create that Monzo account as a Chart of Account to record the expense against.

  • What category do I file Paypal Fees under?

    From the answer: Hello TheDesignHero   For Paypal fees you can create a new chart of account for Paypal fees.... To do this go to accounting > chart of accounts > new > expenses > detail type you can use the one you mentioned or bank charges (as this is for fees you pay

  • Car parking receipts - a legitimate expense

    From the answer: Hello Mon-Gella,   Do you have the mileage tracker turned on?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Allowable expenses

    From the answer: Hello NL14,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Could you please go to Taxes > Tax profile and check how many hours you have in your 'work from home' section?

  • Self Employed - Quotes!

    From the answer: Hello, .... Let me provide some insights on how your subscription works.... QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) is a special version of QuickBooks built for freelancers and service-based entrepreneurs.

  • Problems connecting to TSB Business Banking

    From the answer: Hello nikizimmermann,   Welcome to the Community!... Are you using a browser or the app to access QuickBooks?   Thanks,   Talia    

  • No add an accountant feature under my self-employed user.

    From the answer: Great day, .... Welcome to the Community.... I'm here to guide you on how to grant access to your accountant to help you manage your QuickBooks Self-employed company.

  • Emails

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd like to provide some insights about printing reports in QuickBooks Self-Employed.... When printing reports, you can pull your desired reports on the Reports section and print it from there.

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