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  • IOS app bug. Quickbooks creates an additional invoice in error

    From the answer: Hi James,   Thanks for contacting us on Community, I will take a look into the case which has been opened today to see what may be occurring.

  • How do I add Interest Earned in to Self Employed

    From the answer: Hi Phillip welcome to Community,   Without the bank connection have you been manually importing your transactions on CSV or creating manually?

  • Transaction receipts

    From the answer: Hello TP82,   Yes, you can attach an existing receipt to the account transaction.... Here's how you can easily do it: Go to the Transactions tab.

  • Where can I find the presentation resources and templates to help my business?

    From the answer: google for them, QB is only accounting

  • Reclaiming approved travel expenses from client

    From the answer: Hello   Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... We just need confirm a few things and we can go through some options.Are you using the Plus product for QuickBooks Onlne?

  • I have recorded an employee expence as a journal entry to be reimbursed at a later date. How do I know pay this expence and what account do I set for the the payment?

    From the answer: Hi nigel-stafford,     Can I check the account types used on the journal entry to record the expense initially?

  • Employee Centre Missing Most Of The Time

    From the answer: Hi Mike, Welcome back to the community!... If It's OK with you I'm going to private message you, as in my experience this issue is usually caused by License sync issues, which will mean me verifying license information with you.

  • invoice templates for multiple brands

    From the answer: Hello  Captain-Obvious ,   You can use the import style feature to create a template for each brand.... This way, you can customize each company details.

  • Lost HSBC connection

    From the answer: Hi Dotty R   Can we ask you try in the browser you are using clearing the cache and cookies,closing the browser,opening the browser,log in to QuickBooks Online and then navigate to the banking tab and then click on update.Do the transactions update?I

  • VAT due on card transactions before quarter but paid in quarter?

    From the answer: Hello there,  Rafiq .... Let me bring clarifications about your concern with how VAT return works in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

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