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  • Can i have 3 businesses under one quickbooks account?

    From the answer: Hi adambrock75   Do the businesses have independent VAT registration numbers?

  • Landlord - Accounting rule

    From the answer: Yes the property is a fixed asset, I suggest a fixed asset structure something like this 1234 some street >> land >> building >> >> accumulated depreciation building land is never depreciated.

  • Is there a reason why my "View reminders" link has stopped working for Tasks in the Dashboard?

    From the answer: Hi   I have deleted cookies and cache from chrome and the link does not work.... However, it does work from an incognito window.

  • How do I setup a job number & name to sales, purchase invoices & labour to enable me to run a job report which will indicate a net amount

    From the answer: Hey colin6,   Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!... Our Plus package includes a Project feature which allows sales and purchase transactions to be assigned to jobs, and gives access to additional reports including the Project Profitabilit

  • I paid HMRC for my 18/19 tax bill i am a sole trader how do i record this expense?

    From the answer: Hey STELLA28,     Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.... Are you using QuickBooks Online or the QuickBooks Self-Employed product?

  • How to edit payroll liabilities?

    From the answer: Hi Darren welcome to the community.... Can I confirm are you looking to adjust an existing journal to reflect these changes or are you posting a separate transaction?

  • App and subscription

    From the answer: Hi Dawn welcome to Community.... Can I please confirm whether the subscription was for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self Employed?

  • Is anyone else having problems reconnecting a barclaycard account?

    From the answer: Hello jane22,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Do you receive an error code when trying to reconnect?

  • Petty Cash

    I operate a restaurant. We have various suppliers that only take cash payments on delivery.  I record my...

  • Timesheet notification

    From the answer: Hi KatMcMahon   Which Payroll system are you using, Paysuite, QuickBooks Online Standard or QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll?

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