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  • Quickbooks invoices

    From the answer: Hello Darren,   Great to see you back on Community.... Can I please check does this only happen when using Safari?

  • I have 3 business accounts. GPB account, Euro account and a USD account. Currently they are all showing in GBP currency. Can you change the currency on the ledger?

    From the answer: Hey Nicky29,   Did you setup the correct currency on the chart of account for each bank?... You can check this by going to Chart of Accounts > Edit on the drop-down, and viewing the Currency.

  • csv file not uploading

    From the answer: Hi   Are you receiving any type of error message when you are attempting too upload your the CSV file?

  • Pension - Employee Opt-In

    From the answer: Hey Jamie,     Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!... Can I check which version of the payroll you are using to guide you on how to opt-in the employee?

  • Unable to download all transactions

    From the answer: Hello Maz882   Thanks for contacting the Community..Are you using the Self Employed product?... What we can do is email you to your Community user email address.If you can just reply to the email with the CSV and we will take a look and email you back wi

  • How To Earn Points - ProAdvisor Programme

    Welcome to the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme.   The ProAdvisor Programme is better than ever. It’s been...

  • ProAdvisor Programme - FAQ

    Programme   Q: What is the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme?   A: The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Programme...

  • The Redesigned UK ProAdvisor Programme

    QuickBooks’ ProAdvisor Programme has been redesigned to recognise the hard work you do and to be a better...

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