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  • Help filing VAT first time via Qbook-fails

    From the answer: Thank you for your help- I was trying to submit through Reports (like I have always done but selecting 'file online' rather than 'file manually' because I had tried to submit through  'File VAT MTD' but the box showing the next stage did not appear t

  • how to add a week1/month1 marker to an employee record

    From the answer: Hi SarahDH305   You will have to enter an X after the employees tax code e.g.... 1250LX

  • Tax icon in Desktop

    From the answer: Fritz, thank you so much.... did it in minutes this morning!

  • Can I email Remittance Advice from QB desktop?

    From the answer: Hello accounts63,   Apologies, this is for QuickBooks Online!... I clearly did not read the title of your query correctly!

  • Is it possible to jobcost per diem when reimbursed on a payroll check?

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back and for the clarification, orion678,   Let me provide information about Payroll Job tracking in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • IIF Import Issue

    From the answer: Hello Tracey,   I think our only option now would be for you to contact our Desktop support team - they will be able to set up a screenshare and look at the file you are attempting to import, making sure it is formatted correctly etc.

  • recording sales commission due back

    From the answer: Hello,   Yes, that would be fine.... You would then also have record of when you registered that the commission was due back to you through the voided invoice.

  • Payment from Govt that includes interest

    From the answer: did you try clicking on the next open line and selecting an account?  in the from account block

  • Can I convert a qb 2013 pro company file to Mac in order to trial Mac desktop 2019?

    From the answer: Hi nickyalexander   There is not a UK version of desktop for Mac's.

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