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  • Can I use classes to give an investment consultancy company analysis by investment management company?

    From the answer: Hi there E21J, Yes, you can use the class tracking for investment analysis.... Let me show how you can turn it on: Select the Edit tab then choose Preferences .

  • How do I record With Holding Tax with held on Payments Received so that the Invoice Paid shows Nil Balance?

    From the answer: "Please note, the 60 is an asset on my side because i can use it to offset my annual tax."... Make an Other Charge type item linked to your Asset account for tracking this.

  • How do I remove a company file from my updated desktop. The file is an old one which I mistakenly restored.

    From the answer: Launch the QB Program.... At the No Company Open screen, on the listing of Most Recently Opened files, you see the HIDE button.

  • I cannot restore a backup in Quickbooks pro 2008

    From the answer: to be honest I am surprised 08 even installed on win10, I can pretty much guarantee it will quit at some point.

  • Supplier took overpayment

    From the answer: If you entered a Bill Payment as credit card, that shows as AP.... The Overpayment would be AP, as negative.

  • Liscense reached its maximum number of users

    From the answer: Hi there,  Rodney , It's recommended to store the company file on the Host computer since you're setting up multi-user.

  • multiple vendor credit

    From the answer: "Should this be entered as a credit on bill pay or credit card form?"... Both , because you told us there is One of Each: " The 21.20 was applied as a credit refund to a credit card, the 15.66 is credit from the vendor to use for a future transaction,

  • Perpetual licence upgrade

    From the answer: Hi   Thanks for contacting us here at the Community   Perpetual licenses are no longer available, the last time they were available was in 2016.

  • Use of classes

    From the answer: check the sample file Rock Castle Construction and run a standard P&L then a P&L by class and you can also do the same for the balance sheet

  • Can I email Remittance Advice from QB desktop?

    From the answer: Hello accounts63,   Apologies, this is for QuickBooks Online!... I clearly did not read the title of your query correctly!

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