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  • BUG -> No option to say class 4 NI exempt

    From the answer: Hello there, Freelancer5555.... Class 4 is available in QuickBooks Self-Employed.... It's possible that your profit didn't reach �8,164 that's why the option is unavailable.

  • How to invoice somebody who does not have a Quickbooks account?

    From the answer: Hello Julio,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... They should not need to login when viewing the invoice.

  • Self-employment: How do I categorise a Bank Loan?

    From the answer: Hello Simon,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... The payment of the loan into your account can be categorised as either Owner's deposit or Business income - this is something we would advise to check with an accountant to make su

  • Transactions not matching bank

    From the answer: Let's ensure that your bank automatically downloads the up-to-date transactions, Active-Dogs.... It's possible that the bank has a maintenance update, or this might be caused by any browser-related issue.

  • Addnig Paypal to Self Employed invoicing

    From the answer: Good day ,   What you've said is correct, that the feature to integrate the PayPal app is only available for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • total business income

    From the answer: Hello adrianforrest,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Which report are you viewing?

  • Which expenses line for a capital expenses

    From the answer: QBSE does not have a balance sheet which is where you would record the purchase, and later the annual depreciation, of a capital asset.

  • Transactions not appearing in quickbooks

    From the answer: I'd like to help with your banking transactions, NW3.... Can you tell us if you're getting an error message when downloading banking transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed?

  • My account for my Credit Card is connected to QBO however the transactions aren't appearing

    From the answer: Hello Eliza,   Which bank is your credit card account with?... Thanks,   Talia


    From the answer: Hello, .... Let's delete and recreate the rule to ensure that it will be applied to all of your transactions.

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