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    From the answer: Hi Mary   Thanks for contacting us here on Community.... Can you inform us which of our products you are using, QuickBooks online or QuickBooks Desktop, then we can advise you accordingly.

  • Bulk transactions recording

    From the answer: Hello Sofronis,   Could you please link the article you have read so we can look into this?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Script Error within Quickbooks Help

    From the answer: Let’s get rid of the Script Error pop-up, .... Message prompts like this occurs when QuickBooks tries to connect to Internet Explorer but is blocked by webpage issues.

  • Is my 2016 pro desktop MTD compliant ?

    From the answer: Hello there, draeelectrical.... QuickBooks 2016 will be discontinued by the end of May 2019.... We're unable to make it MTD compliant by then.

  • Perpetual licence upgrade

    From the answer: Hi   Thanks for contacting us here at the Community   Perpetual licenses are no longer available, the last time they were available was in 2016.

  • How do i get QB Desktop Pro 2019 ready for Making Tax Digital

    From the answer: Hello choicie,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... The patch for Making Tax Digital will not be released until 27th March.

  • Getting ready for MTD and Unassigned VAT amounts???

    From the answer: Hello idnam thank you for posting your question on Community.... I have taken a look through your detailed post and also spoken with one of our Desktop Pro Advisor's what they have advised is to call our desktop team on the number below as will be someth

  • Send or explore multiple reports in the same time in EXCEL

    From the answer: Hello Gavin2017,   You will only be able to have multiple reports on one Excel spreadsheet if you manually copy these into a single document.

  • Do you have a journal entry of the affect of personal use company car (PUCC) in quickbooks I'm confused as to what happens when it hits the financials?

    From the answer: Hello Carol thanks for posting here in Community!... We don't have a link which we can direct you to with regards to recording a journal entry for personal use of a company car.

  • Hi, How can I record expenses (with VAT) that incurred in a closed period? I don't want to end up with a VAT discrepancy.

    From the answer: Hello SuisseAlphine,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... There is no way to avoid the system creating a VAT exception when posting transactions that incurred in a closed period.

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