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  • Category for software subscription?

    From the answer: Hello Simon,   I apologise, hope the article helped!   Thanks,

  • BUG -> No option to say class 4 NI exempt

    From the answer: Hello there, Freelancer5555.... Class 4 is available in QuickBooks Self-Employed.... It's possible that your profit didn't reach �8,164 that's why the option is unavailable.

  • Can’t connect to business account

    From the answer: Hi Nick Lynch,   Welcome to the Community.... It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have with connecting a bank account.

  • Quickbooks app

    From the answer: Hi there, Alex.... It could be that there was an internet interruption while connecting to our server.... To refresh the data, you can sign out and sign back in.

  • Updating my invoicing info on my invoice template

    From the answer: Hello Sandy D   If you need to change this you can go to the cog in the top right>account and settings>advanced>construction industry scheme>UTR no.

  • upgrade from QBSE

    From the answer: Hello the_real_clare_davis,   You cannot upgrade to the small company product - you will need to cancel your Self Employed product and take out a new subscription with QuickBooks Online.

  • Connecting a Clydesdale account

    From the answer: Hello JMaclean72,   It usually means the bank is currently going through maintenance, or is down.... Which browser are you using?

  • How do i record my fuel expenses for Self Employed?

    From the answer: Hello Emma   Using the simplified method, you can't claim vehicle insurance , repairs and servicing , or fuel costs , but you can claim all other travel expenses in addition to your simplified expense amount.

  • Transactions not dowloading from ANY bank

    From the answer: Thanks for posting on Community Scott.... Sorry to see you are having trouble with up to date transactions with relation to your Online Banking.

  • How do I record a business loan

    From the answer: QBSE is too limited in functions, it does not allow for entering a loan and other things   QBSE does not allow for any new accounts (categories) to be created QBSE does not have sales receipts, only invoices QBSE does not have the class function QBSE

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