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  • Connecting to HSBC

    From the answer: Let's isolate the issue, Jdruce.... First, let's open QuickBooks Self-employed using a private browser, then connect your HSBC account from there.

  • invoice editing

    From the answer: Hi,  hillside.... Let’s check if this has something to do with your browser.... You can launch a private window then log in again to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account.

  • Can’t log in

    From the answer: .

  • RE: Change QBSE subscription from Apple App to regular card/account payments

    From the answer: Hi Charlotte thanks for contacting Community.... We would be grateful if you can provide us with your email address relating to the Self Employed product, via Private Message on Facebook or DM Twitter to QuickBoosk UK so we can investigate the issue furt

  • Updating my invoicing info on my invoice template

    From the answer: Hello Sandy D   If you need to change this you can go to the cog in the top right>account and settings>advanced>construction industry scheme>UTR no.

  • upgrade from QBSE

    From the answer: Hello the_real_clare_davis,   You cannot upgrade to the small company product - you will need to cancel your Self Employed product and take out a new subscription with QuickBooks Online.

  • Why my income Tax is 0?

    From the answer: Hey ARWMB40,   could you please send a screenshot of your tax profile page?... Alternatively, you can Direct Message us your Email Address through our social media outlets, @QuickBooksUK on Facebook + Twitter, I'd like to look at your account and see IF

  • Importing Santander Credit Card Transactions

    From the answer: Hello anneC,   Do you have access to Facebook or Twitter so you can private message us your email address and we can look into this further for you?

  • Invoices

    From the answer: Hi Nick,   You'll have to use the simple start product, to get the functionality you are looking for.

  • transaction categories

    From the answer: Hi there, andrewbaker99.... Thank you for posting here in the Community.... I want to help share what I know about the categories in QuickBooks Self-Employed.

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