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  • Invoice marked as paid not showing as income?

    From the answer: Hello Craig   In QuickBooks Self Employed marking an invoice as paid does not impact the income at all.

  • Change Client's Email Address

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to us, .... QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn't have a Customer Information page.... To update your client’s email address, you'll have to manually enter it each time you create an invoice   In case you want to update your own email info

  • Tax information has disappeared - all values are 0

    From the answer: Hi there,  hannahkatherine .... If you've hidden the bank account, you are able to show it again in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).

  • Car parking receipts - a legitimate expense

    From the answer: Hello Mon-Gella,   Do you have the mileage tracker turned on?... Thanks,   Talia

  • Allowable expenses

    From the answer: Hello NL14,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Could you please go to Taxes > Tax profile and check how many hours you have in your 'work from home' section?

  • What category do I file Paypal Fees under?

    From the answer: Hello TheDesignHero   For Paypal fees you can create a new chart of account for Paypal fees.... To do this go to accounting > chart of accounts > new > expenses > detail type you can use the one you mentioned or bank charges (as this is for fees you pay

  • Bank Sync Not Working

    From the answer: Hi FS4   We would be grateful if you can DM us Twitter or PM us on FaceBook, referencing your community name, with the email address associated with your QuickBooks account.

  • Adding employment

    From the answer: Hello,  Mohammed Mangarah 1979 .... It’s my pleasure walking you through the steps of recording your employment income.

  • How to enter new vehicle purchase, down payment(s), and financing on a self employed account

    From the answer: Hello Harri,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... We are not trained accountants, and so cannot advise how to categorise this.

  • Fuel costs

    From the answer: Hi @ Paulloaderadi ,   Thanks for posting your concern here in the Community.... Let me share a few details about the simplified method which QuickBooks Self-employed supports for calculating your annual estimated taxes.

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