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  • I would like to change my address on outgoing invoices form home addres to work address. I have quickbooks self-employed

    From the answer: Hello Hazel171   In QuickBooks Self Employed you can edit the work info and change the address within the invoice itself.

  • Receipt forwarding and Cost of goods for resale.

    From the answer: Hi there, Lacey,   For your first question, we're currently receiving reports from other customers about the error you received when setting up the receipt forwarding  feature.

  • Invoice Email Text

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community, .... QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) have only one default invoice template and customizing it isn't available as of the moment.

  • Insurance marked as disallowable expense

    From the answer: Thanks for posting and reaching out to us here in the Community, .... Tracking of expenses can vary as each business is unique.

  • Estimated Tax

    From the answer: I have just removed the Personal Allowance from the Tax Profile, and it calculates estimate tax.... I have a Full time job with PAYE so my personal allowance is used by that, do I need to enter a personal allowance on the Tax Profile setup?

  • invoice

    From the answer: Hello there, Drhowardy.... As of the moment, we're unable to save the information added in the message box.

  • Can't connect to Co-operative business account. Error 103

    From the answer: Hi Neil B   We would be grateful if you can PM us on FaceBook or DM us on Twitter with the email address associated with your QuickBooks account and reference your community name Neil B to enable to assist you further.

  • QBSE wont open a draft invoice

    From the answer: Hello Alan4   The draft that is not opening could you provide a screenshot from the invoices screen showing the draft/invoice number so we can look into this further.

  • HSBC connecting, error 103 returned

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Since you've already confirmed that both login and security questions are correct, let's perform additional troubleshooting steps using that information.

  • How to change the account Quickbooks is linked to

    From the answer: Hi Andy   If you are referring to your bank account that is connected to QuickBooks, and are using one of the small business products, navigate to the banking screen > in the blue highlighted area select the edit/pencil icon > Edit account info > Dis

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