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  • Sign in Windows

    From the answer: Hello   Thanks for contacting the Community.... Can we just ask when you use the windows app are you opening multiple tabs?

  • Tax icon in Desktop

    From the answer: Fritz, thank you so much.... did it in minutes this morning!

  • CIS UK Reverse Charge in QuickBooks Desktop

    From the answer: Hi Rebecca, Thanks for posting here on the community!... We will be facilitating a way in which such a code can be set up in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 in time for the first of October 2019 when the VAT domestic reverse charge for building and construction

  • I need help to register the quickbook 2015.,the Validation code is blank

    From the answer: Hi there, william15.... Validation codes are created using your QuickBooks license number.... The Community doesn't have a way of taking a look at your account to be able to get a code.

  • Reset validation code

    From the answer: I can route you to the right support to activate QuickBooks on your computer, akeel_habeeb .... The validation code is created using the product license number to register or activate QuickBooks.

  • How to record cash received from customer that creates a liability?

    From the answer: Let me first welcome you here in the Community,  Arzini .... Thanks for choosing QuickBooks as your accounting partner.

  • Employee Centre Missing Most Of The Time

    From the answer: Hi Mike, Welcome back to the community!... If It's OK with you I'm going to private message you, as in my experience this issue is usually caused by License sync issues, which will mean me verifying license information with you.

  • How do I create advance invoice for the next month without adding it to current month A/R?

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Let's edit the invoice date to show the association dues for October instead of the current month in your A/R Aging report.

  • Where can I find the summary of all the Official Receipts that I have encoded?

    From the answer: Hi Arzini,   We can open the Doc Center to locate the information you've entered.... Here are the steps: Click Company located at the top.

  • Parking fees from unusual customers

    From the answer: hi Arzini , You may consider using Sales Receipt feature....

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