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    From the answer: Hello mort1703,   Welcome to the Community.... I'm here to assist you with any questions you may have with using QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Payment terms defaulting to 30-days – is this a bug?

    From the answer: Hello Mike,   Have you confirmed how the term is set up under the cog wheel > All lists > Terms > Edit Due on receipt?

  • Payroll won't accept National Insurance category

    From the answer: Hi Shadow1,   I have tried creating and editing an existing employee as male with the Category B for National Insurance.

  • Transfer older QB Simplestart software onto newer machine

    From the answer: Hello Len,   Thanks for contacting us on Community.... Can I please confirm the exact version of QuickBooks Desktop which you have?

  • Is it possible to jobcost per diem when reimbursed on a payroll check?

    From the answer: Hi Orion678   Welcome back to the UK community for QuickBooks.... Are you looking to see this information from a point of view of a report, for you to view over a period of time, or to show on the payslips; in a specific way for your employees?

  • Employment allowance is not being deducted from liabilities payable to HMRC even though the Employment Allowance box is ticked. Using QBs Desktop.

    From the answer: Hi Noddy   Desktop does not track or deduct employment allowance automatically.... After submitting the EPS as normal it requires a manual liability adjustment to correct the reports withing the software and the steps for this are as follows: 1. Go into

  • Desktop App not working

    From the answer: Hey ,   Currently, we've received several reports about users' desktop application crashing when opening a new tab .

  • VAT Submission Error - Due to department specific business logic in the body tag

    From the answer: Hi PeterCB,   I've already answered this question on the other thread.... Please check it out through this link:

  • Unable to export Reports to Excel

    From the answer: Hi William,   Thanks for sending us your question on Community.... We can certainly help with trying your QuickBooks exporting reports the way you like.

  • payroll

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I'd be glad to help check why your being billed for more employees than you actually have.

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