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  • Prep for Taxes replaces Trial Balance as an Accountant Tool

    Prep for Taxes introduces big improvements to the way you review, adjust, and map tax lines in your...

  • Webinar FAQs. Answered!

      Q1. Can't we give discounts individually? Answer: Yes, we have this option now. Please go here to learn...

  • cant setup logo

    From the answer: Hi there,  izapcan .... For the best result of uploading a logo in your QuickBooks account, it should have the following requirements: Have a file name that ends with .gif,

  • select multiple transactions in transaction report

    From the answer: Hi  felician , Currently, QuickBooks Online users are not able to edit uncategorized transactions in batch within the vendor report.

  • VAT CODES on Bank deposits

    From the answer: Hi SarahM01,   You can select the No VAT (0% Purchases)  code for your expenses and No VAT (0% Sales) on for your interest transactions.

  • Customer making an advance payment

    From the answer: By using the process below, will the advanced payment show up on the Customer's account profile and then be negated when the actual invoice is created after shipment?

  • Hi, we pay employees monthly, every last Friday of the month. How can I set up this schedule of pay?

    From the answer: Hello  Helen , Let me walk you through on how to enter employees pay in QuickBooks Online (QBO).... Just to clarify, are you using QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP), or the third-party app PaySuite?

  • When i try to change the date of the payroll to April 2019 i get this error message Input value does not fit in the allowed range. Why?

    From the answer: Hi  grant.stapleton... , This message will display if the selected date range is outside of the date range you initially set up the payroll.

  • im not using QB payroll

    From the answer: That's correct Elaine, You should have a portion to cover the PAYE/NI then to the Employee directly.... Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • Barclays business bank connection

    From the answer: I have the same issue here too.... I have two quickbooks accounts both linked to Barclays and both not connecting/ updating.

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