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  • Tax icon in Desktop

    From the answer: Fritz, thank you so much.... did it in minutes this morning!

  • Yorkshire Bank - Unable to Connect

    From the answer: Hi,   Unfortunately after a few weeks of discussions with support, it looks as though you do not support Yorkshire Business Bank Accounts.

  • How to record cash received from customer that creates a liability?

    From the answer: Let me first welcome you here in the Community,  Arzini .... Thanks for choosing QuickBooks as your accounting partner.

  • Change VAT end for VAT period

    From the answer: Hello edwardj,   Select Prepare return on this period, you will then be able to change the end date at the top of the page.

  • Issuing a refund in QBSE

    From the answer: Hello WildRosamund   If the bank account has pulled in the expense of refunding your customer Yes it would be a case of then categorising the transaction.There is not a refund category though we have included a link in this post which explains the ca

  • My Accountant tab - multiple emails

    From the answer: Hi kim-brecklandaccountancy,     You can edit the recipients email address when raising the client request by creating the request and going to Preview and send > Preview email > Edit the To* email address.

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