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  • Help with QBSE categories for a general builder

    From the answer: Hello BM6,   The categories are based on the boxes on the self assessment, defined by HMRC.... We are unable to advise which categories to use, you would need to ask your accountant this.

  • Profit and loss report shows car, van and travel expenses as zero but tax summary shows correct figure

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd be glad to help you today so you'll be able to generate your Profit and Loss (P&L) report correctly.

  • Cannot send invoices with Quickbooks Email

    From the answer: Hey Strempan,   Unfortunately, at the moment - no - the invoices are sent in a standard format.... You are able to Export to PDF, the invoice - and then manually attach it too an email - for this client.

  • Quick Conversion Reference - Converting from QuickBooks selfemployed to QuickBooks simple start

    From the answer: Greetings,  joy6 .... I'd be glad to share with you some information about converting QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Online Simple Start.

  • my submission is pending - what does this mean

    From the answer: Hi Egertons of Chester   What payroll system are you using, Paysuite or the QuickBooks Online Payroll?

  • Sum Up Card Payments

    From the answer: Hi there, AllWasPolished!... Since your account is already connected to QuickBooks Self-Employed and your transactions are downloaded, you won't need to manually enter your charges and income.

  • Access to mobile app

    From the answer: Hello there, Neil B.   Let me share some troubleshooting steps to make sure you're able to access the mobile app successfully.

  • How to issue a credit note to a customer on QBSE

    From the answer: Hello MBNton,   There is no way to issue a credit note on the Self Employed product.... You will need to take note of this outside of the system, and deduct the amount from the invoice.

  • Mileage - unable to change trip dates

    From the answer: Hello Alex,   Do you get any error message when you try to enter the date, or will it just not allow you to select a date prior to May?   Thanks,   Talia

  • How to enter historical invoice payment dates

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community,  davep64 .... The Invoice page in the Self-Employed version of QuickBooks is for recording purposes only.

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