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  • Script Error within Quickbooks Help

    From the answer: Let’s get rid of the Script Error pop-up, .... Message prompts like this occurs when QuickBooks tries to connect to Internet Explorer but is blocked by webpage issues.

  • Comparative Graphs

    From the answer: Great to see you back on Community E21J.... There isn't way to natively compare them using graphs, one thing you can try doing would be to export the report to Excel for each time frame then to create a graph from there comparing the two years.

  • Importing Sales Receipts into Desktop Version of QB

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd be happy to provide some details on how you can import sales receipts into QuickBooks Desktop.

  • VAT Return and MTD

    From the answer: Hi choicie   Are you attempting to obtain the same figures in Quickbooks as to what have been filed at HMRC and is the date range the same in QuickBooks to what was filed at HMRC?

  • Run a report of all customers based on last transacted date?

    From the answer: Would be nice if that report was something included but it isn't.... About as close as you can get, as far as I know anyway, it to Run the Sales by Customer Summary report.

  • how to add a week1/month1 marker to an employee record

    From the answer: Hi SarahDH305   You will have to enter an X after the employees tax code e.g.... 1250LX

  • Chart Of Accounts

    From the answer: Hello sister69,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... This option should show when creating an income account.

  • Employee optional retirement contribution reflected in reports

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing the complete details of your concern, MelissaC.... You'll have to edit and include a deduction item for the retirement plan payment in your employee's paycheck.

  • Creating An Income Account

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I can guide you on how to create an income account and assign VAT codes on you transactions.

  • Error codes ***

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2010 are no longer available.... Since each version of the software has higher system requirements, you'll need to upgrade your QuickBooks to a newer one.

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