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  • Can you please help to submit the VAT with MTD

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to the Community, analuizakelly.... Before submitting VAT, first, you'll have to sign up for MTD on the HMRC website.

  • How to add trace number on Receive Payments?

    From the answer: Hi Arzini   We would be grateful if you can inform us what it is a receipt for and when you refer to trace numbers are you referring to invoice or reference numbers.

  • Trasnsaction order on Statements

    From the answer: Hi DM   Are you using the desktop or online product?

  • Export an excel Class List file from 2016/17

    From the answer: Hello Maz321   Can we confirm are you using QuickBooks Desktop?... Do you have the Desktop file networked to a server or to the pc you are using?

  • Can anyone tell me what error code -90 means please?

    From the answer: Hello   Welcome to the Community!... Is the client based in the UK using a UK QuickBooks?The majority of errors come from trying to enter none UK information in the company information.If that is not the case can you ask them to try clearing the cache in

  • Something's not quite right Failed to fetch

    From the answer: Hey Danilouise,   Can I confirm the screen you are receiving this error message on?... To confirm this is not caused by a temporary cache issue on the browser please try clearing the cache on the device you are using for all time and then reload the page

  • Self employed Salary

    From the answer: Hi Markhowarth   When you state you don't want account for any surplus going to account B, without having to put in account B, are you referring to adding the account/connection to QuickBooks or not setitng up the account in the chart os accounts/not

  • I'm on a Flat Rate Scheme for VAT, how can I make an adjustment to a return, the dropdown VAT rate only offers 0 or 20% ?

    From the answer: Hi hester1   If you are on the Flat Rate Scheme you will have selected the FRS option and entered the specific rate e.g.

  • We have just started trading as a limited company. The director has given the business a loan - what category do i put this transaction under?

  • Customising invoices

    From the answer: Hey PamQuick,   It is not possible to amend the invoice template, the only options for customisation is to add a logo to the invoice by going to 'Edit work info' on the toolbar when creating the invoice.

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