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  • Category for software subscription?

    From the answer: Hello Simon,   I apologise, hope the article helped!   Thanks,

  • Can i add FIXED ASSETTS to the chart of accounts in QB self employed version ?

    From the answer: No you can not do that in QBSE QBSE does not allow for any new accounts (categories) to be created QBSE does not have sales receipts, only invoices QBSE does not have the class function QBSE does not do recurring transactions QBSE does not keep a cus

  • Why is rent showing as a disallowable expense?

    From the answer: Hi Emma, I have entered the hours I work from home and my self-employment started before 2018 so I can't enter the date it started.

  • Business Income not showing in "Tax Summary"

    From the answer: Hi John1971,   Categorizing transactions from bank, or entering and categorizing them manually should work the same.

  • Business Income

    From the answer: Welcome to the Community.... I'm here to assist you with any question you may have concerning QuickBooks Self-Employed.

  • Can’t log in

    From the answer: .

  • HSBC Bank Statements in PDF?

    From the answer: Welcome to Community, Skinbad.... You can look for an online .PDF to .CSV file converter.... Make sure to check the file converted to ensure all data is accurate before you import the transactions.

  • How do we include the 'cost of sales' formula in Quickbooks? (deducting value of stock at end of year to calculate allowable expenses for tax return)

    From the answer: I'll need to calculate the stock value and deduct it from COGS myself by manually excluding some of the expenses at the end of the year, to the total of the ammount I can't claim for?

  • Delivery Driver Expenses

    From the answer: Hi Philipab3,   QuickBooks Self-Employed uses the simplified expense method to calculate the travel expense.

  • Connecting bank accounts

    From the answer: Hi Phoenixdad,   Thanks for your post.... This is a common thing experienced, and its caused by the way our connection currently speaks to your bank.

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