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  • There is no option to Condense Data in Utilities

    From the answer: Then condense must not be included in the non-US versions.... Sadly condense only works accurately about 70% of the time anyway to be honest.

  • multiple vendor credit

    From the answer: "Should this be entered as a credit on bill pay or credit card form?"... Both , because you told us there is One of Each: " The 21.20 was applied as a credit refund to a credit card, the 15.66 is credit from the vendor to use for a future transaction,

  • Can I use classes to give an investment consultancy company analysis by investment management company?

    From the answer: Hi there E21J, Yes, you can use the class tracking for investment analysis.... Let me show how you can turn it on: Select the Edit tab then choose Preferences .

  • Perpetual licence upgrade

    From the answer: Hi   Thanks for contacting us here at the Community   Perpetual licenses are no longer available, the last time they were available was in 2016.

  • Use of classes

    From the answer: check the sample file Rock Castle Construction and run a standard P&L then a P&L by class and you can also do the same for the balance sheet

  • IIF Import Issue

    From the answer: Hello Tracey,   I think our only option now would be for you to contact our Desktop support team - they will be able to set up a screenshare and look at the file you are attempting to import, making sure it is formatted correctly etc.

  • Does anyone have instructions on how to record VAT on a general journal entry?

    From the answer: Its normally not good to post by journal to vat liability as there are transactions available in the product to handle nearly everything you need and it does it well and no mistakes.

  • Can I convert a qb 2013 pro company file to Mac in order to trial Mac desktop 2019?

    From the answer: Hi nickyalexander   There is not a UK version of desktop for Mac's.

  • Payment from Govt that includes interest

    From the answer: did you try clicking on the next open line and selecting an account?  in the from account block

  • recording sales commission due back

    From the answer: Hello,   Yes, that would be fine.... You would then also have record of when you registered that the commission was due back to you through the voided invoice.

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