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  • FRS VAT using quickbooks online...

    From the answer: So for posterity for anyone else that comes across this, the problem was due to a few things.... Firstly it seems that QB Pro and QBO have different sets of VAT codes so I needed "refreshing" to add the codes for QBO.

  • add historical employee pay

    From the answer: Hi Martin,   To enter the figure from the previous employment in Paysuite if you go to employees on the left hand side and then click on that employee it will take you to a number of further options.

  • Payslips

    From the answer: Hi elainec170769.... Thanks for reaching out to the Community.... The passwords are set by default and would be specific to each employee.

  • First pay run - director question

    From the answer: Hi Cpltd,   I work in an accountancy practice and would be happy to shed some light on this for you.... The date of appointment is the date that appears on Companies House.

  • Salary Sacrifice

    From the answer: HI lauraringgold,   Thank you for contacting the Community.... At the moment we cannot record salary sacrifice on QuickBooks Online Payroll.

  • Leaver payroll

    From the answer: Hi JanNapper,   Thank you for contacting the Community.... If your employee is being paid for work up to her leaving date of 15th June I would enter her hours through the variable input screen like normal, and then enter her leaving date as 15th June thr

  • Set Up of Manual Payroll Accounts

    From the answer: Hi Kirsty,   I have the following accounts as mine:   1) Name: Payroll Clearing - Type: Current Liability - Detail: Payroll Clearing 2) Name: Tax and National Insurance - Type: Current Liability - Detail: Tax and National Insurance 3) Name: Other Pay

  • Adding New Employee

    From the answer: Hi MD15,   Thanks for the screenshot.... In this scenario, you would not need to enter any YTD figures as your new starter has not left the other employment so would not have a P45.

  • Cheques that include expenditure and income

    From the answer: Hi AlanLIA,   Welcome to QuickBooks Online's UK Community Page.... The first thing I'm going to advise you of is to check with your accountant .

  • Supplier invoices

    From the answer: Hello Nikki,   You don't need to create supplier invoices in QuickBooks since you have already added the payments through the Banking page.

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