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  • Revaluation of balance sheet item in foreign currency using closing rate?

    From the answer: Hi, In order to revalue or make changes to the currency, you may refer to the steps below; - click on the gear icon - click on the currency centre - select the currency > hover on the currency where you see a drop down arrow > you may click on the cu

  • Is Quickbooks Online down right now?

    From the answer: Same here...  Looks like Intuit decided to crash / upgrade during business hours.... Here in the US it is 10:00 , since before 8am it has been down....

  • Products / Services

    From the answer: o change which account a  Product/Service  item is associated with on the  Chart of Accounts : Choose  Customers  and then  Products and Services List.

  • Migrating from Quickbooks Desktop to Online

    From the answer: Hi Adam, Yes, there certainly have been developments.... My company, Movemybooks, provide a conversion service which requires just your QuickBooks backup file.

  • I’m using the Phone App on iPhone why is it blurry and unreadable suddenly?

    From the answer: Hi  bgdecorators , It's my pleasure to help you in this kind of situation and let's get your QuickBooks Online app readable as it should be.

  • Invoices

    From the answer: Hello Paula,   Welcome to the community and thank you for posting your question.... You can use the following process to record what we call recording Bank Charges but in this case its Fuel costs not bank charges.

  • Applying supplier credit onto direct debit

    From the answer: Hello Jules,   The only way to use a credit note would be to manually receive payment and then tick the credit note - as you have mentioned trying.

  • New client hasn't claimed employers allowance for earlier years didn't use QBO for the periods.

    From the answer: Hello there, catch.... Welcome to the Online Community.... Let me guide you in the right direction in recording your client’s employment allowance.

  • Flat Rate VAT and Making Tax Digital

    From the answer: Hello MundyCo,   Welcome to the Community, thank you for your question!... QuickBooks Online will be ready to submit Flat Rate VAT in time for Making Tax Digital.

  • Hi, how can i match a bank transaction of vat payment to hmrc for a quarter not entirely included on quickbooks? Ivat quarter was feb-april? books only from 6th april?

    From the answer: Hi felicityhawes1!... Welcome to Community.... If you have already recorded the VAT period in another system/directly to HMRC and then have made the payment for this period and the payment is then appearing in your bank dated, you will have to record it as a

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