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  • How should I accurately record disbursement payments and receipts to ensure they are not captured as regular income/expenses?

    From the answer: The link you provided is only in reference to VAT.... The HMRC webpage does not discuss the presentation of these amount on either the Balance Sheet or Income Statement, only that for your reimbursable expenditures (payment that you make and then charge

  • How to enter VAT from Imported goods

    From the answer: You will need to enter the invoices with vat code of O and then when you get the clearing agents invoice for vat paid on import enter a vat only invoice for the vat.

  • I am unable to file my VAT. Is this because HMRC have changed to two-step authentication?

    From the answer: Hi fsbuchan, If you are using a sunset version of QuickBooks such as 2014 and below, you will no longer be able to file VAT online inside QuickBooks.

  • Does anyone have instructions on how to record VAT on a general journal entry?

    From the answer: Its normally not good to post by journal to vat liability as there are transactions available in the product to handle nearly everything you need and it does it well and no mistakes.

  • How do I record a VAT refund?

    From the answer: Desktop handles this neatly by creating a receivables account for your vat agency in the customer list, once a refund is filed.

  • how do i change predifined file name when saving pdf?

    From the answer: Hello there,  roland ,  Currently, you're not able to automatically change the predefined file name when saving invoices as PDF.

  • How to setup vat in QuickBooks?

    From the answer: First open mange vat from top menu and then select modify change vat setup and select South Africa, you should have done this during install.

  • How to set up VAT Flat Rate Scheme

    From the answer: From the edit menu select preferences.... Then vat at bottom of left hand menu.... Then company preference tab, and top of the window that opens select to track vat then the Vat scheme can be selected and in the drop down box scroll to FRS .

  • How do I open prior VAT returns when QB says that it is unable to locate PDF viewer and I already have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

    From the answer: Unload that DC version and download the acrobat reader and it should work.... Dc for document cloud is to new for QB 2013 which used acrobat reader ver 9 or higher

  • How to buy qb pro 2018 uk edition

    From the answer: Hi  madmod2002 , Let me direct you to our sales team so you can start using our QuickBooks 2018 UK version.

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