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  • VAT posting

    From the answer: Hi TaylorShipley   If you are using QuickBooks Online   You could either   1.... In the taxes section record the �12131.38 as being the amount paid and then do a separate expense for the difference of the amount you paid for the surcharge �4713.09 in thi

  • Multicurrency: Invoice to show both totals as requested by HMRC

    From the answer: Brilliant!... Thanks.... (Your colleagues said this was not possible on a customer services chat yesterday!)

  • Matching bank feed which includes a refund

    From the answer: I've got you covered,  mike_coreit .... We have just the steps that'll help match these transactions.... You'll need to create a credit note for the refund and apply it to the invoice.

  • Stock. How do I add used stock to a project.

    From the answer: Hello Wright,   We apologise if this will not be suitable for your business.... Please use our feedback tool within the cog wheel menu to submit this as an option for future updates - hopefully it will be implemented if possible.

  • Too much bank account information

    From the answer: Glad to see you here, mrmunkeyman.... Welcome to the Online Community.... I?ll help you make sure that your opening balance is correct so it won?t throw off your records.

  • I’m self employed & rent a nail desk. I pay the salon owner weekly commission. How do I send an invoice? And what do I need to include? Thank you

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting us here in the Intuit Community, linzi21, Let me help share information about categorizing transactions.

  • Does anyone know how to configure quickbooks VAT settings so it allows you to post a first VAT return covering a period of just one month? We file quarterly after

    From the answer: Thanks for your help, that all seemed to work fine

  • Stock upload

    From the answer: Hi Bev   Can we just check with you on the template you are uploading with Stock on do you have a column with data in for Quantity on hand and Quantity as-of -Date?

  • Online License transfer

    From the answer: Thank you SOOO much, that is the information that I needed I believe.... I really appreciate your time.... Sonya

  • Refund on sales receipt

    From the answer: Hi David   There are a few steps you would need to follow to show this refund and match the transaction.

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