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  • Cannot Edit Invoice (Error)

    From the answer: Hi Debbie,   Is there an error message when you edit your invoice?... Can you edit other invoices or other transactions?

  • Paid invoices go to Accounts Receivable, and never in my income Why?

    From the answer: The items you sell determine what account is posted to, basically service and inventory items should all have your sales income account selected as the income account on the item screen when you create an invoice, this is the how it works sales price

  • I have just signed up with HMRC for MTD and now need to know what to do with QB to complete the process please?

    From the answer: Hi John,    Welcome to the community!... Once you have received your confirmation email from HRMC you can turn on Making Tax Digital submissions in QuickBooks.

  • Hours worked shown on payslip

    From the answer: Hey Kirsty,   There is an option under "Printer Setup", where you can choose Full Page, or Two per page rather than Self-Seal.

  • Quickbooks database for Common Data Service usage

    From the answer: Hello Solid Bear,   You can add the application to the Web Connector again using the .qwc... file.... I'd be glad to walk you through the steps.

  • Release versions of Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2010 UK

    From the answer: Hi  Mr Sootty ,   Let me provide some updates about QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).... Updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2010 are no longer available.

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