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  • How to clear down any previous VAT liability before submitting a file for current bill

    From the answer: Hello Thanks for your question     Just to confirm regards the VAT filing itself have you done anything in the taxes section for example have you been marking periods as filed in the QuickBooks or are you in your first period?

  • I have just purchased new version of Desktop 2019. How do I get it ready for Making Tax Digital?

    From the answer: Thanks for contacting us here on Community.... If you have purchased the latest version QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and you are latest version you should be all set for MTD the release you need is R6P, you will be able to see this by pressing 'F2' or 'CTRL a

  • IIF Import Issue

    From the answer: Hello Tracey,   I think our only option now would be for you to contact our Desktop support team - they will be able to set up a screenshare and look at the file you are attempting to import, making sure it is formatted correctly etc.

  • Pensionable Earnings

    From the answer: Hello Kirsty79,   Which version of payroll are you using?... QuickBooks Payroll or Paysuite?... Are you referring to the contribution file?

  • Payroll Deductions

    From the answer: Hello amanda6168,   If you have access to Facebook or Twitter, could you please private message us a screenshot of the payslip, along with your email address?

  • My VAT Refund wont allow me to receive now or later.

    From the answer: Hello Rodney2   This is an issue we has recently been brought up with our Desktop team we have done some testing to try and replicate the issue and pin point where this is coming from   We will reply back here as soon as possible   Thanks   Emma M

  • Do you have a journal entry of the affect of personal use company car (PUCC) in quickbooks I'm confused as to what happens when it hits the financials?

    From the answer: Hello Carol thanks for posting here in Community!... We don't have a link which we can direct you to with regards to recording a journal entry for personal use of a company car.

  • How do I account for a supplier refund

    From the answer: Hi BR007   We have enclosed a link that informs you how to account for a supplier refund.... If you need further assistance please contact us.

  • Does anyone know how to import a general journal IIF file with the VAT ITEM included? This worked perfectly until the update in February.

    From the answer: Hello   Thanks for your question   Can we just confirm which product you are using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?   Thanks

  • How do record a VAT refund in QB Pro 2016 for quarter filed manually

    From the answer: Hey Prav,   There should be an option to link the payment to the journal for that period; just find the journal in question against your HMRC customer/supplier.

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