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  • Using Simple Accounting Rules in QBSE

    From the answer: You're right, We5ty.... We calculate your self-employment taxes based on your business income, spending, allowable expenses and the information you have set up in your Tax Profile.

  • Category for software subscription?

    From the answer: Hello Simon,   I apologise, hope the article helped!   Thanks,

  • QBSE not recognising that I've subscribed through Apple

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to and providing detailed information, AdamAsh,   Let me guide you to the right team to take a look into your account to verify this information.

  • Tax free allowance

    From the answer: Hello Diane   Are you referring to the personal allowance which you do not have to pay tax on?Which is in the tax profile section,which is usually �11,850(though it can be different)   Kind regards   Emma

  • Invoice Payment Link in QBSE?

    From the answer: Hello EtherealBirth,   Unfortunately this is not a feature in QBSE.... Please find attached a link to our feedback site - here you can suggest features to our developers and they will look into implementing this into future updates: https://selfemployedu

  • Quickbooks Self Employed account no longer connecting to my bank account

    From the answer: Hello achildsAmanda,   Firstly, in terms of contacting support, you can also reach us through Facebook and Twitter via QuickBooksUK - you will receive a reponse within half an hour.


    From the answer: Thanks for your interest in QuickBoks Self-Employed (QBSE), Brakey,   Let me help share information on how to avail the discounted price in QBSE.

  • Sales invoice

    From the answer: Hi Malcolm thanks for posting on Community.... If you are using the web browser to access your account by selecting the drop down menu you will then see a Edit option this way you can amend and resend the invoice.

  • Accounting deposit for following tax year

    From the answer: You can not do that in the limited QBSE   a customer deposit is your liability and it should post to a liability account, but QBSE does not have them nor does QBSE allow you to create any needed accounts   QBSE does not allow for any new accounts (ca

  • Cash payments

    From the answer: Hello Andrewkerr81,   You can record these payments through a sales receipt.... You can also set up a cash account through your chart of accounts to show you receiving the payment in cash rather than straight to your bank, which you will then be able to

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