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  • When I use the Mac version I have made two invoices and marked as paid bu

    From the answer: Hello Darren,   Are these invoices paid?... If so, you will need to tick the 'include paid invoices' box at the bottom.

  • Recording PAYE employment transactions

    From the answer: Hi JP19   Are you using the Quickbooks Payroll?   Kind regards   Emma

  • upgrade from QBSE

    From the answer: Hello the_real_clare_davis,   You cannot upgrade to the small company product - you will need to cancel your Self Employed product and take out a new subscription with QuickBooks Online.

  • New Etsy accounting - will it ever be integrated with QuickBooks?

    From the answer: Hi SimplyDiveThings   Do you have Etsy connected as a 3rd party app or an account?

  • Changing Transcation Category to Transfer

    From the answer: Thanks for contacting us on Community Simon.... This will depend if the transactions have been imported after previously being assigned, normally this will give the option to assign of Business Income/Personal/Split were the transactions in question impo

  • Keep being set up on wrong product

    From the answer: Hello, CathJude,   The system will detect that there's a QuickBooks Self-Employed account associated with your login credentials.

  • Personal Pension payments in QuickBooks Self Employed

    From the answer: Hello MickT,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... This will depend on the category you select, you will need to check this with either HMRC or an accountant on what category would be best to make sure you are not taxed on this (un

  • Expenses for coures

    From the answer: Hello Mary,   Do you have anything on your tax summary under hours worked from home?   Thanks,   Talia

  • Typo in Business name (Self-employed) - How do I rectify?

    From the answer: Good day, drawanddesignit,   You can edit your business name under Edit work info on the Invoices page.

  • How do i add VAT to Quickbooks Self Employed

    From the answer: Hello   Currently you can not add VAT into the Self Employed package this is only available on our small business packages   Thanks   Emma

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