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  • why are taxes classed as disallowable expenses

    From the answer: Hello there, Catherine Scate, QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn't consider tax payment as an allowable expense.

  • Connecting bank accounts

    From the answer: Hi Phoenixdad,   Thanks for your post.... This is a common thing experienced, and its caused by the way our connection currently speaks to your bank.

  • CIS in QuickBooks Self Employed

    From the answer: Hello Andy Bates,   CIS is only a feature offered in our Small Business products, not Self Employed.... If you need to use this feature, you will have to cancel you self employed account and take out an Online subscription.

  • Mileage CSV import

    From the answer: Hello NeilSSP,   Unfortunately there is no way to import normal CSV files.... It would be a case of adding these trips manually.

  • Main Screen not up to date

    From the answer: Hello nick15,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... Are you referring to the reports on your dashboard?

  • end of tax year

    From the answer: Good day, dbrain,   I’m here to help share information about what are the things you’ll need to do during tax time.

  • QB self Employed - cash basis accounting

    From the answer: Hello 888willis,   QuickBooks Self Employed is set up for cash basis.... Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Adding Student Loans calculations to TAX

    From the answer: Hi Gary   There is no option to enter a student loan in the tax profile.... We suggest you contact either an accountant or HMRC to establish how you would account for the calculations/re-payments

  • connection of Teco Bank

    From the answer: Hello SR2,   We currently have an ongoing issue connecting to Tesco bank.... This is because they have updated their authentication method, and so when QuickBooks attempts to login, it cannot get past that section and so fails.

  • Invoicing

    From the answer: Hi louisemeganowen   You can either use one of the payment providers, PayPal or GoCardless or enter your bank details within the invoice, such as the footnote, to enable your customer to make a manual payment.

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