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  • How to filter transactions with a certain vat code and then edit those transactions codes?

    From the answer: Hello  moggyman11 , You'd be glad to know QuickBooks Online has different transaction reports you can choose from.

  • Major Bug sales receipt template layout changes by itself

    From the answer: Hello there,  sales ,  I hope you’re both doing well there.... I’ve thoroughly read your original question.

  • How do I enter corporation tax

    From the answer: Hey Lisa19,   Thanks for your message.... We do not directly support corporation tax.... You could speak to an accountant and they may be able to advise a way this can be entered manually.

  • How do I create a credit note?

    From the answer: Glad to see you here,  smellysnelly7 .... Let me guide you with creating a credit note in QuickBooks Online (GB).

  • Getting ready for MTD and Unassigned VAT amounts???

    From the answer: Hello idnam thank you for posting your question on Community.... I have taken a look through your detailed post and also spoken with one of our Desktop Pro Advisor's what they have advised is to call our desktop team on the number below as will be someth

  • How do i get QB Desktop Pro 2019 ready for Making Tax Digital

    From the answer: Hello choicie,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... The patch for Making Tax Digital will not be released until 27th March.

  • Cash rewards downloading incorrectly from bank - every 10 points valued at 1 monetary unit

    From the answer: I'm not clear on this points arrangement   if the value is actual cash, you can walk into the bank and withdraw money from that account, that is one thing   but if you can not withdraw money, then it is not cash and should not be tracked in a bank ac

  • Recording computer equipment purchase

    From the answer: Thank you for the response.... I have also just contacted my accountant with regards to the classifications, and he has confirmed that the "Computer equipment additions at cost" looks like the closest account to record this as.

  • Hi. I have customised the invoice form to add our logo etc but now need to edit it as I have put one digit wrong on our VAT number, but QB won't let me edit it?

    From the answer: Hello Peter_stark_seve,   Thank your for posting to the community!... If you are changing your VAT number your will need to edit this in the VAT Center often displayed as Taxes on the left hand side of your Quickbooks.

  • Making Tax Digital - Home currency in Euros

    From the answer: Hello Kathleen,   Your client will need to use our bridging tool which will be available in April.... It will involve having to get a secondary account that is set up as GBP - we are currently in negotiations with sales for there to be a fixed price for

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