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  • Separating different sole trader accounts in QB Self Employed

    From the answer: Hello there, nurdysurdy,   You can only track one business per account in QuickBooks Self-Employed.... Adding multiple business in one account is unavailable.

  • do i add personal loan to friend?

    From the answer: Hello PeculiarLocks,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... We would advise to speak to either an accountant or HMRC both these transactions - we are not accountant trained, and so would not want to give you any incorrect advice.

  • Quotes

    From the answer: Thanks for posting your question in the Intuit Community, Russ70,   Currently, able to create a Quote in QuickBooks Self-Employed is unavailable.

  • How do I record swimming pool hire as an expense ? I run a swim school.

    From the answer: Hello helen heydari,   Rent would usually show as allowable.... This may be affected by something else within your Tax Profile.

  • Self Employed - Private Pension and Charity Payments

    From the answer: Hello Amy   What boxes do you need these transactions to hit on the Self Assessment?Is it something you want to show as a dis allowable expense?We have set up the categories to match with the boxes on the SA103F form more information can be found her

  • I need my food expenses to be 100% deductable as a business expense. Quickbooks selfemployed will not allow this. Any suggestions?

    From the answer: Hi Alex,   You'll need to speak to an accountant, about the right way of going about this.... When you fill in your Self Assessment, you can just combine the allowable and dis-allowable columns, however this would not match what is on your books.

  • Seeing previous income

    From the answer: Hello Bequality,   Did you exclude those transactions?... If possible, could you please PM us on Facebook or Twitter your email address and a screenshot of this so we can look into this further for you?

  • How to find a customer by address and line item listing

    From the answer: Hi Erkan   If you are using our self employed prodcut you will only be able to use the search facility for any open invoices/invoice saved as drafts.

  • Receipt forwarding issue

    From the answer: Hi LauraOW   Are you able to login to your account and you are receiving the message?... We would be grateful if you can PM us on Facebook or DM us on Twitter with the email address associated with your QuickBooks account to enable us to assist you furth

  • How to add customer details

    From the answer: Hey there, Hambledon.... In QuickBooks Self-Employed, you'll need to create a new invoice to be able to add a customer's details.

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