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  • Entering Bank Transactions Manually?

    From the answer: Hi Nicola   Are you using the QuickBooks Online or the Self Employed package?... If you are scanning the  statement in what file type are you saving as?

  • I need my food expenses to be 100% deductable as a business expense. Quickbooks selfemployed will not allow this. Any suggestions?

    From the answer: Hi Alex,   You'll need to speak to an accountant, about the right way of going about this.... When you fill in your Self Assessment, you can just combine the allowable and dis-allowable columns, however this would not match what is on your books.

  • Mark Transfers to accounts that can't be linked

    From the answer: Hello there, humancstand.... You can instead import your transactions through into QuickBooks Self-Employed though CSV file.

  • How do I record swimming pool hire as an expense ? I run a swim school.

    From the answer: Hello helen heydari,   Rent would usually show as allowable.... This may be affected by something else within your Tax Profile.

  • Mileage recording

    From the answer: Hello countrycarsmaidstone,   Welcome to the Community - thank you for your question!... To clarify, does the system not allow you to post mileage manually?

  • Can't connect bank acc still logged on

    From the answer: Hello there, gabyg,   NatWest Bank recognizes login session for a period of 15-30 minutes after you logged out from your online banking.

  • Manual income entry

    From the answer: Hi there, LucasPugh.... You need to enter the total amount of the income because you also need record the business expenses.

  • How to add customer details

    From the answer: Hey there, Hambledon.... In QuickBooks Self-Employed, you'll need to create a new invoice to be able to add a customer's details.

  • How to find a customer by address and line item listing

    From the answer: Hi Erkan   If you are using our self employed prodcut you will only be able to use the search facility for any open invoices/invoice saved as drafts.

  • Maintaining a HSBC connection

    From the answer: Hi Annie07,   Thanks for joining us on the Community Site.... This is a problem, and it's not a problem, I'll explain why.

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