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  • Is Quickbooks Online down right now?

    From the answer: Same here...  Looks like Intuit decided to crash / upgrade during business hours.... Here in the US it is 10:00 , since before 8am it has been down....

  • How do I record a refund to a customer?

    From the answer: You may give a refund or a credit to a customer by: clicking the customer tab The more drop down, then select Refund or Credit Select Refund fro the first question: "Are you giving a refund or credit?"

  • Products / Services

    From the answer: o change which account a  Product/Service  item is associated with on the  Chart of Accounts : Choose  Customers  and then  Products and Services List.

  • Migrating from Quickbooks Desktop to Online

    From the answer: Hi Adam, Yes, there certainly have been developments.... My company, Movemybooks, provide a conversion service which requires just your QuickBooks backup file.

  • select multiple transactions in transaction report

    From the answer: Hi  felician , Currently, QuickBooks Online users are not able to edit uncategorized transactions in batch within the vendor report.

  • What is the best way to record interest income?

    From the answer: There are several ways to do this, using the 'Make Deposits' function would be the best alternative, otherwise entering via journal entry would also be acceptable ( Sales Receipt will also work if off-set direct to bank, or to 'Undeposited Funds' if

  • How should I accurately record disbursement payments and receipts to ensure they are not captured as regular income/expenses?

    From the answer: The link you provided is only in reference to VAT.... The HMRC webpage does not discuss the presentation of these amount on either the Balance Sheet or Income Statement, only that for your reimbursable expenditures (payment that you make and then charge

  • I would like to try Paysuite instead

    From the answer: Hello quickbooks, Thank you for contacting community.... It is possible for us to migrate customer from QuickBooks Online Payroll to PaySuite but only if a feature they require is not available.

  • Turn off VAT Field

    From the answer: Hi mcgmkpuki.... Thank you for contacting Community.... While VAT, once turned on in the product, cannot be completely turned off, it can still be removed from showing on the transaction pages and can be removed from appearing as a field in invoices, bills,

  • looks like youre signed in on a different device and im not. ive deleted all cookies

    From the answer: Hi there bengordelier, Let’s resolve the error message you’re seeing so you can add a bank account.... The error message "looks like you’re signed in on a different device" is also known as online banking error 179.

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