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  • It seems that we have signed up for payroll services; please cancel this subsciption.We just want to declare and download the different 1099-MISC.It was an error.

    From the answer: Hi there jonathan.sandrol,... I can certainly help you how to cancel your payroll service so you won't get charged for it.

  • select multiple transactions in transaction report

    From the answer: Hi  felician , Currently, QuickBooks Online users are not able to edit uncategorized transactions in batch within the vendor report.

  • It is possible to download a PurchaseOrder with the API ?

    From the answer: Good day to you,  kevin.eggermont .... In the meantime, you can take a screenshot or download the purchase order.

  • how to get bill that we paid subscription fee

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in the Intuit Community, kelly, You can access and manage all your product and services using the Customer Account Management Portal Site ( CAMPS ).

  • price for desktop quickbooks 2019 of 8 users

    From the answer: Hello there,  wambele .... Currently, QuickBooks Desktop is still unavailable in Tanzania.... However, you can visit our  website to know the price per user license of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019.

  • cant setup logo

    From the answer: Hi there,  izapcan .... For the best result of uploading a logo in your QuickBooks account, it should have the following requirements: Have a file name that ends with .gif,

  • test1 create bulk estimates

  • how to bill an expense

    From the answer: Good day to you,  user999 .... I'd be happy to help you in adding the bill to an expense.... There are two ways in adding Bill.

  • how to set up a user

    From the answer: Good day, user454, Follow these steps too set up a user: Click the Gear icon.... Select Manage Users under Your Company .

  • create bulk estimates

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