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  • Check for duplicate transactions

    From the article: QuickBooks experienced a delay downloading your bank transactions between 23 March to 17 April.... All transactions are now up to date in your QuickBooks company.

  • How to convert currency?

    From the answer: Hey there, alessia.kuster!... Wow, Italy!... You're very lucky, I wish I could work in both Italy and the US.

  • When vendor pays early and receives 2% discount (2% 10 Net 30) how can I account for this when receiving payment??

    From the answer: Hi Heather!... Create a product/service item to reflect to the appropriate account.... If your customers are paying early for that 2% discount, you can edit the original invoice prior to entering the payment.

  • how to change the country please

    From the answer: After you set it up, you can change the language (upper, right corner) as needed.

  • My accountant receives my invite email, but when he clicks to accept, he gets an error message to try again later. What do I need to do in order to get him access?

    From the answer: Hey there, Katie!... Oh no! That's not good at all.... I'm really sorry that your accountant is having a hard time getting logged into your QuickBooks Online.

  • how do i add a user?

    From the answer: To add a user, click the gear in the upper right, locate Your Company and select Manage Users .... Follow the instructions from there.

  • add signature to check?

    From the answer: Go to: File > Printer Setup > Signatue > File > then select the scaned signature you would like to use from your computer > click ok.

  • shareholders equity

    From the answer: Marlene this is a three year old thread, and intuit keeps moving around help pages and/or deleting them The easiest way to report on shareholder capital or owner equity, is to customize the balance sheet to show only those accounts then memorize the

  • How to close an overdue invoice in quickbooks online?

    From the answer: Hi dhensley,  To remove an invoice from your open invoices you would need to receive a payment against the invoice or delete the invoice.

  • Delete a duplicate payroll

    From the answer: Hi Cuttingedgeframi,  I'm sorry that we're just starting to hit our backlog of questions! Were you able to get help?

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