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  • Can I link a deposit to an item? Using QB Enterprise Solutions.

    From the answer: Deposits can't have items.... Instead, create a sales receipt for this and then deposit the sales receipt.

  • Reconciling: shows 0 payments, 0 deposits, but $565.12 difference. I've removed all checks, but still shows difference. Where else can I look for it?

    From the answer: Greetings bethery,   I'm glad to help you correct the difference on your account's reconciliation.... There are several reasons why this happens.

  • Browse Topics - Reports

    From the answer: Tutorials Expert Blogs Access the Improved QuickBooks Online Reports Redesigned Reports Articles Reports overview Memorized Reports Management reports overview Inventory Reports Lis

  • Browse Topics - Banking

    From the answer: Tutorials Expert Blogs Connecting to a Bank Account   How to Setup Bank Rules in QuickBooks Online Setting up Bank Rules Effectively   How to reconcile your bank accounts Banking Rules Update:

  • Why are the Debits and Credits not showing up on my Transaction Detail by Account report?

    From the answer: Hello Paige, Debit and Credit columns do not show by default on the Transaction Detail by Account report, but I can definitely tell you how to customize the report to show this information: 1) When you run the Transaction Detail by Account report, si

  • Direct deposit payroll available for quickbooks online?

    From the answer: Direct Deposit is not yet available in Canada.

  • Downloaded Transactions HELP!

    From the answer: This issue seems to have been resolved with the latest update.

  • Returned ACH payment?

    From the answer: The withdrawal goes to Accounts Receivable and make sure you put your customer's name.... This will now show that his/her invoice is still outstanding, as it is.

  • How do I get a call back from an advisor?

    From the answer: advisors are public people in business as a consultant   if you mean intuit support, you can enter a call back number when you call, I have been told that is an option   but with the volumn of calls, I would suggest just calling again

  • How do uncheak everything in a bank reconciliation and start from zero

    From the answer: Hello, .... Thanks for reaching out to the Community about restarting a reconciliation.... There is a feature to undo the reconcile completely that is exclusive to QuickBooks Online Accountants.

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