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  • Reconciliation Beginning Balance Technical Issue

    From the answer: Let me help, .... I appreciate you reaching out in the Community regarding the issues you encountered when using the App.

  • Changing user id for bank feeds

    From the answer: Worked for me.... Thanks.... Once I clicked the disable button, it let me modify the user id and save the edited account.

  • Can you use Multicurrency with the Simple Start plan?

    From the answer: Hello there, email3.... The Multicurrency feature is available in the following versions: QuickBooks Essentials QuickBooks Plus QuickBooks Advanced You can learn more about this by checking out this article:  About Multicurrency .

  • Purchased an asset for my company

    From the answer: And my last question.... Since I personally purchased this equipment, so I need to also list it as a capital contribution?

  • Usage Limits

    With onset of usage limits (which is crap, and just appears to be a way for QBO to force sales for new...

  • Invoice created from billable Vendor Bill/Check

    From the answer: Hi Isaiah58Financial,   You can click on the Transaction Journal Report to see which bill the invoice is linked to.

  • Why has my bill gone up. I feel like every few months, I have to reach out for billing issues.

    From the answer: We'll check to see why your bill is missing, support8.... I would recommend reaching out our Support team.

  • Can I upload a chart of accounts excel spreadsheet in Quickbooks for Mac?

    From the answer: Thank you very much for your prompt answer.... I understand that it is not possible to import COA in excel/csv but only in IIF format on Mac.

  • Entering PO#s on a credit card charge

    From the answer: We're unable to enter the PO number on a credit card charge, MJ14.... You can only add it manually on the invoice.

  • How to migrate QuickBook 2016 data into QuickBook 2019

    From the answer: hi MR2019 , You may create a backup copy (*.QBB) of your 2016 version and restore it on 2019.

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