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  • Quickbooks Desktop Suddenly Stops Openings Chase QBO

    From the answer: I'm glad to see you here in the Community, ThatsNoMoon.... Thanks for providing the screenshot about the pop-up message.

  • Setting up payroll tax liabilities

    From the answer: Hello, jcal.... I'd be glad to help you with correcting your payroll tax liabilities in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Delete a payment

    From the answer: Hello Ben,   In addition to Lynda's answer, here's how you can view the deposit payment for the said invoice:   1.

  • How to Install QuickBooks Desktop

    From the answer: @Rustler  thanks for the feedback, I will make that more clear in the article.... In the piece, we recommend  express for first-time users who don't have a version of QuickBooks Desktop, so there wouldn't be an issue with overwrite.

  • Invoice from Sales Order option missing from Invoice window after latest update!

    From the answer: Update: I have downloaded the last QB update for a third time (resetting the update each time), but this time I also reinstalled the last Windows update (I am running Windows 7).

  • Undeposited funds in Quickbooks desktop

    From the answer: Hi there, Luann, Thanks for keeping me posted with what the results are.... Since you?re still unable to remove the JE to clear the balance in the Undeposited Funds account, I recommend getting in contact with our Technical Support Team.

  • dues and membership fees

    From the answer: Hi there ryszardSF,   Welcome to the Community.... I'm happy to help with finding the correct report for viewing received member payments.

  • Customer overpaid, but can't find credit to apply to next invoice

    From the answer: This makes sense.... I don't care if it's the "right" way to do it as long as the numbers are correct in the end.

  • Is there a way to generate vendor service invoices based on hours worked and a preset hourly rate?

    From the answer: @scacct I guess I read this differently than everyone else, as I understand it you want to input the vendor bill, and verify the total amount, per day, per period   create a non inventory item, name it, and select the expense account you usually use

  • Report on invoice types

    From the answer: Have you tried sorting by invoice number?... Would separate them, but not total them.... Excel is your friend here.

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